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This page was last updated on 05/28/2020.

We at Gun Trader Den use cookies on our website. Cookies are small files that contain information on your computer. These cookies are created when visiting our website. Some cookies are created by our website and some are created by third party websites.

Our Cookies

Gun Trader Den creates and uses only one cookie. This cookie is called a PHPSESSID. This cookie is REQUIRED by our system to determine if a user is a guest or a user that is logged in. The content of this cookie is a string of numbers and letters. Deleting this cookie will log you out of any active web sessions.

Third Party Cookies

Some parts of our website, like the Contact page, use services by Google. Google uses cookies. You can read the Google Cookie Policy here: 

Our credit card processor uses cookies when collecting credit card or ACH payment details. Our credit card processor is Clearents and you can read its Cookie Policy here:,and%20not%20for%20individual%20identification. 

At this time, you may not opt to use this website without the use of cookies. By using this site, you agree to allow us to set up cookies on your device.

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