Shipping Policy

This page was last updated on 05/01/2020.

Gun Trader Den uses FedEx, USPS and UPS to ship products to our customers. Unless otherwise agreed upon between Gun Trader Den and the customer, all shipments will be shipped via Standard Ground shipping.

Hand guns

Hand gun shipments will be sent using 2-day shipping, as required by law.

Fulfillment Orders

Some orders will be shipped directly from our supplier’s warehouse. These orders will follow the same guidelines listed above, however there is sometimes a short processing delay of approximately 1-2 business days when items are shipped from our supplier’s warehouse.

Restricted Products

We do our best to make sure products are NEVER sent to an area where the product is prohibited by local or state law. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING AND UNDERSTANDING STATE AND LOCAL LAWS. If the customer orders an item that is prohibited in the area in which the customer resides or is domiciled, the customer accepts full responsibility for any liability or criminal prosecution that may arise due to having or taking possession of an item prohibited by local or state law. The customer is also responsible for any return shipping to send the item back to Gun Trader Den and a 50% restocking fee.

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