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How do I do an FFL/ NFA Transfer to Gun Trader Den?

Read this entire message: ATTENTION- WE NO LONGER ACCEPT PRIVATE PARTY TRANSFERS YOUR SELLER MUST USE AN FFL TO SHIP TO US. A copy of our FFL you can use for transfers only is posted at the top left of this webpage feel free to send it to your seller. You can either select us as a dealer on most checkout systems or if we are not on file with them you can locate a copy of our FFL at the very top left of our web page. Feel free to send a copy to your seller We will contact you when your firearm arrives, no need to reach out to us prior. Please make sure you're seller has current contact info for you included in your shipment. Every firearm transfer in Florida requires a background check, regardless of when you did your last one or if you have a CWP. The background check cannot be started until the firearm arrives at our location. The cost is $50 CASH per serialized item i.e 2 guns equals $100 when picked up on the same day items are received. There is now a 2 item limit on transfers. You must complete the background check in store for your item within 2 days of arrival or the cost will be $100 to transfer each item. The item must be picked up within 3 business days of it arriving in store or the transfer fee will be $100 per item. For a handgun, you MUST have a valid Florida ID or Driver's License. The wait for ALL firearms in Florida is 3 business days. If you have a valid Florida CWP you simply must wait for the background check to clear, that is it. Valid Concealed permits from other states do not qualify for exempting the 3 day wait. If your item is here for 14 days or more then it will be considered abandoned and your item will be sold at a very significant discount to move it or auctioned off and you will be paid 50% of the proceeds in in-store credit after any applicable transfer fees. WE ARE NOT A GUN STORAGE FACILITY. If you attempt to transfer an item and fail a background check, after 30 days your item will be sold or auctioned and you will be paid 50% of the proceeds after fees. AGAIN, WE ARE NOT A GUN STORAGE FACILITY. You are agreeing to these terms if you choose to use our transfer services. If you receive a decision or a decline on your FDLE or FBI background check on an in store purchase you will be charged a 33% restocking fee on all items purchased. If your transferred NFA item is disapproved we will sell the item and pay you 50% after applicable storage / transfer fees are collected.

What happens if I fail the background check when attempting to pickup my firearm?

For items purchased through our shop there will be a 35% restocking fee. For items transferred in from another retailer it will be up to you to arrange a refund/ return through them.

In Store Pickup Items

What does that mean?

With some products the distributor or manufacture does not allow direct shipment to the end user or their FFL. Any firearm ordered from our site and sent to our brick and mortar is subject to a $50 tranfer fee. If you want the item yet are not able to come by the shop just give us a call and we can make additional shipping arrangements for you.


What payment type do you accept?

We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Selling Something?

Do we buy guns or NFA items?

ABSOLUTELY!! We love buying and trading for just about anything firearms related. Give us a call anytime, from anywhere in the country. Single items up to major collections, we are ALWAYS buying!


Can I have a firearm shipped to my home or business address?

No. All firearms must be shipped to a licensed FFL dealer.

We do not currently do outgoing ffl transfers

Due to a significant rise in lost/ delayed packages we are suspending shipping until further notice

Silencer Shop Kiosk

How long does it take to get all my information in the system?

About 10 - 15 minutes one time unless you loose a finger or have changes to your personal information.

What are the fees associated with the kiosk?

If you purchase your suppressor through our Silencer Shop portal their are none. If you purchase items through our in stock inventory or have something transferred in it is just a $25 fee (NFA Transfer fee is separate) for them to put all the paperwork together, electronically send it to you to sign via Docusign, print it out and send it off to the ATF, this also allows you to track the application up until the ATF cashes the tax stamp check.

What is the Kiosk?

The Silencer Shop kiosk is a magical piece of tech that makes dreams come true! Making NFA purchasing and ownership amazingly simple this machine allows us to do your pictures, prints and form 4's all electronically. Once you are in the system it is as simple as picking out your item and clicking one link and poof, all your paperwork that you used to have to run to 5 different places for is done for you!

TOP 10 Silencer Questions

Silencers are legal?

Di I have to pay the taxes every year? No its a 1 time fee currently